Research at our Chair is focussed on the development and intensification of biological production processes. Of major interest are mammalian and human cells, the former as producers of recombinant proteins and other biopharmaceuticals the latter because of their potential in Tissue Engineering. In recent years and due to the favourable environment provided by the University of Bayreuth in the area of microbial ecology and environmental biotechnology we have in addition started projects in the area of white biotechnology. These projects deal, for example, with the characterisation of microbial consortia as part of technical systems such as biogas plants and biofuel cells, but also with the design and optimisation of technical enzymes.

The biological basis of the Chair for Process Biotechnology encompasses at present bacterial and mammalian cell culture technology, plasmid construction and genetic engineering of bacteria and mammalian cells, phage display, as well as the infrastructure for the production, purification and analysis of recombinant proteins and plasmid DNA. High molecular weight mass spectrometry and hyphenated techniques thereof (HPLC-MS, CE-MS) as well as various chromatographic and electrophoretic techniques are routinely performed. Guided by this knowledge, new approaches are engineered to address questions posed by evolving areas of modern biotechnology and biomedical engineering.




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