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Neuer Artikel: Isolation of primary human B lymphocytes from tonsils compared to blood as alternative source for ex vivo application

B lymphocytes (‘B cells’) are components of the human immune system with obvious potential for medical and biotechnological applications. Here, we discuss the isolation of primary human B cells from both juvenile and adult tonsillar material using a two-step procedure based on gradient centrifugation followed by separation on a nylon wool column as alternative to the current gold standard, i.e., negative immunosorting from buffy coats by antibody-coated magnetic beads. We show that the nylon wool separation is a low-cost method well suited to the isolation of large amounts of primary B cells reaching purities ≥ 80%. More importantly, this method allows the preservation of all B cell subsets, while MACS sorting seems to be biased against a certain B cell subtype, namely the CD27+ B cells. Importantly, compared to blood, the excellent recovery yield during purification of tonsillar B cells provides high number of cells, hence increases the number of subsequent experiments feasible with identical cell material, consequently improving comparability of results. The cultivability of the isolated B cells was demonstrated using pokeweed mitogen (PWM) as a stimulatory substance. Our results showed for the first time that the proliferative response of tonsillar B cells to mitogens declines with the age of the donor. Furthermore, we observed that PWM treatment stimulates the proliferation of a dedicated subpopulation and induces some terminal differentiation with ASCs signatures. Taken together this indicates that the proposed isolation procedure preserves the proliferative capability as well as the differentiation capacity of the B cells. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jchromb.2021.122853

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